On terrifying video of a shark knocks a 7 year old with a surfboard in front of father

In Florida , the father suddenly made a video, which shows how a shark knocks his young son with surfboards.

7-year-old Chandler Moore caught a wave last Saturday at new Smyrna beach (Florida), when something mysteriously knocked him off his surfboard.

Only later, when he and his father Sean Moore looked at the footage from the GoPro camera, I realized what actually happened: shark ran straight into Chandler.


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Sooooo…didn’t really wanna have to show mom this…but , Chandler was just surfing at New Smyrna Inlet this afternoon and got knocked off his board by a Blacktip shark! Pretty wild experience, glad Chandler made it out safe! #shark #sharkattackcapitaloftheworld #nsbinlet #surfing #goproitalia

Publication from Shaun Moore (@shaunmoore) 30 Nov 2019 in 1:55 PST

«What’s funny (or not) is the fact that we didn’t even know that it was a shark, until I came home and saw the video, says 40-year-old Sean. — After that we surfed for another half hour».

At first they thought it was just a fish, but as it turned out, the fish turned out to be «difficult».

According to Sean Moore, it was a blacktip shark. They are widely distributed in coastal tropical and subtropical waters around the world. On average, these sharks reach a length of 1.5 meters. Being active predators, blacktip sharks prey on small schooling fish. As a rule, blacktip sharks are afraid of humans and are not dangerous, however, if you have food, they become aggressive and may attack.

Chandler, who is engaged in surfing from the age of 4, says not afraid, even after hearing that from the Board he was hit by a marine predator.
«He’s a daredevil,» adds Sean Moore.

Father and son, who live in Orlando, spend a lot of time on the beach and often go surfing in new Smyrna, which, according to National Geographic, known as «the World capital of shark attacks».

In August the shark there was bitten three people on the same beach within 24 hours.

«If the waves are good, a couple of sharks does not scare anybody,» laughs Sean Moore.