2-year-old child got caught between the subway car and the platform: the boy died

In new York city on Wednesday evening, December 11, the tragedy occurred at the metro station Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, where the train knocked down and killed 2-year-old child.

As representatives of MTA, the boy (name withheld) ran away from his mother and was struck by train No. 2, going North, at about 17:35 PM.

According to preliminary information the police, the boy apparently lost his balance when the train arrived, and was trapped between a train and platform. The police added that the tragic incident is an accident.

«The mother with three bags down the stairs, told one witness, who was waiting for the train on the platform when the tragedy occurred. The little boy ran ahead of her, and of Flatbush was another train, and then the child fell, and he got caught».

As he told police, the child was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but doctors could only say the boy’s death.

Because of the terrible incident was the delay in movement of trains on line 2 and lines 4 and 5.

President New York City Transit Andy Byford said during a press conference at the station that about 20 MTA workers pushed the car back to get the boy.

«The kid ran away from mom and was hit by a train at 17:36 this evening. It’s a terrible tragedy for the mother, our hearts and prayers are with the family of the deceased boy,» said Byford.