Caring son put on a dress and impersonate an elderly mother to hand over her rights

60-year-old mother Gator Sieve Maria resented driving. When, unable to cope with the nerves, she failed the driving exam for the third time, the son decided to come to the rescue. For this 43-year-old mechanic from Brazil dressed as Mary and tried to pass on the right for her.

Sieve thoroughly prepared: I did my hair, wore a very feminine blouse with a floral pattern and a long skirt, make-up and even manicure. But, alas, the inspector was not so easy to hold. According to Aline Mendonca, she suspected something was wrong almost immediately — and decided to test ID the driver, realized that he was dealing with a scammer.

«At first, his masquerade didn’t embarrass me. — remembers Mendonca — I just finished test the 5-th driver and was a little tired, <…> but, when sat in the car, <…> immediately realized that in front of me a man dressed as a woman.»

However, Mendonca recognizes that Sieve tried on the way to fame and looked «very nice» and behaved «so feminine as I could.»

One of the passers-by managed to capture how the Gator out of the car after police arrived. Group of eyewitnesses, observing the situation, notes that it «gives a walk».

The man who says that the mother did not have a clue about the Scam, has already pleaded guilty to the crime. Now he faces charges of falsifying identity and trying to deceive the official.