The man who lived in a fabulous area close to Disney World, confessed to the murder of his wife, three children and their dog

Man living in a fabulous neighborhood, built for Disney World, allegedly confessed to killing his wife, three children and dog.

Today, January 15, the Osceola County Sheriff (FL) Russ Gibson said that the 44-year-old Anthony Todt has been accused of killing and mistreatment of animals.

According to Gibson, the investigators believe that the family had killed «closer to the end of December». Monday, January 13, law enforcement arrived at the house in the community of celebration after relatives began to worry.

Gibson said that Todt had killed his wife, Megan (age 42), sons Alec (13) and Tyler (11 years old) and daughter — 4-year-old Zoe.

Tony Todt Geplaatst door op Vrijdag 20 mei 2016

Sheriff’s deputies were in the house two times over the past few weeks. 29 Dec relative from another state reported that the family had the flu and she had not heard from them news within two days. When the police arrived at the house, no one opened the door, and the blinds were closed, so they left.

They again checked the house on January 9 after Federal agents told the sheriffs that are trying to contact the family, but did not find anything suspicious and left.

So thankful for these beautiful souls in my life

Tony Todt Geplaatst door op Dinsdag 22 november 2016

Anthony and Megan Todt was a physiotherapist and worked together at Family Physical Therapy. The suspect was charged with fraud for medical services. The investigation remains open.

Family Physical Therapy stopped paying rent in 2018, so began the eviction process.