Identified 8 victims of the fire on the pier in Alabama, including the mother and five children

Eight people killed in the fire at the Marina in northeast Alabama were identified Wednesday, including a mother and her five children, said Jackson County coroner.

The mother was identified as 40-year-old grace Annette Watson, miles, and her children as Christopher Zane long (19 years), Braile Anniston long (16 years), Truiden Dominic miles (10 years), Caston Damien miles (9 years) and Desli Nicole miles (7 years). Their father was rescued, but was seriously injured.

The eight victims of a boat dock fire in northeastern Alabama have been identified, including a mother and her five children

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According to Jackson County coroner John Jordan, two more victims of a fire Monday at a Marina, lake Guntersville steel 38-year-old Amanda foster and 54-year-old Yancy Ferrell Roper.

According to an eyewitness of the catastrophe, Amanda foster died trying to save from the fire the children of the family miles.

«SHE DIED A HERO,» A witness tells Amanda Foster’s family that the 37-year-old died trying to save children in the Scottsboro dock fire. Amanda is one of 8 people who did not make it out of the water morning’during Monday’s deadly fire.

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According to CNN, the officials said Tuesday that the preliminary investigation was focused on «one particular boat.» The Director of emergency Management Jackson County Paul Smith told reporters that further investigation revealed that the fire started from another boat.

State and Federal investigators are looking «interesting boat» with a length of 12-14 meters, but according to Smith, several boats on the dock fit the profile.

Women, 5 children among 8 victims of Alabama dock fire

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However, many vessels on the Wharf was burned to the water level, which did not allow the investigators to identify them.

Smith noted that the fire extinguishers in the dock was in good condition and have been tested in October.

The fire began shortly after midnight, seized numerous boats moored at the lake. Some of the boats were people, and the flames forced them to jump into the water.

Alabama»s 8 boat dock fire victims identified | Telecast | 8 dead, 7 Missing and 35 Houseboats Reduced to Ashes

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Some 35 ships were destroyed houseboats, where people lived full time. According to officials, seven people were able to sail to a safe distance. They were rescued and taken to hospital for treatment. As reported in the firehouse, they were treated and released. Most of them were minor injuries and slight hypothermia.

Alabama»s 8 boat dock fire victims identified, including mother and her five children


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On Tuesday, Smith said that workers eliminated the consequences of the fire: collected the remains of the boat and spilled fuel. They took water samples.

The U.S. coast guard and the national safety Board are investigating.

BREAKING: Multiple people are dead following a fire at an Alabama boat dock, officials say. The fire destroyed at least 35 boats docked at a county park in Scottsboro.

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Firefighters arrived to a call Monday at 12:40 local time. According to the fire chief of Scottsboro Gina Nicklaus on the pier at the time was a mess.

«People jumped into the water from the stern of their boats, or retreated to the end of the jetty, just trying to avoid the fire, and then all the same were forced to jump into the lake,» said Nicklaus on Tuesday. According to him, some people climbed into the boat and tried to push them away from the pier.

«But the boats are burned, floated, jostled each other and set fire to other boats so fast that you can’t even imagine!»

The epicenter of the fire was a covered pier, which extended far into the lake, hampering the work of firefighters.