The woman in a protective mask attacked in metro new York

Woman wearing a protective mask, attacked in the heart of Chinatown. The NYPD believes that it is a crime of hate caused by fear of the attacker before the coronavirus.

The incident occurred in the new York subway on Sunday. In the video, which was later released by the police Department of new York, shows a man lunges at a woman dressed in a protective mask. Shouting: «Sick bitch!» he does a few punches and pushes the poor to the wall.

According to eyewitnesses, the man suddenly struck his victim on the head and then struck her several blows, while she tried to escape and begged him to stop.

«The man suddenly came very close to the woman’s face. I don’t know why. He then hit her on the head,» says one of the witnesses of the incident.

The NYPD and the Hate Crime Task Force encourage the victim to report this incident to the police for a full investigation.

— The NYPD Hate Crimes (@NYPDHateCrimes) February 5, 2020

After a while the woman took the phone to capture the attacker’s face, and tried to strike back with the bottle he held in his hand. Later, she wrote in his Twitter that the victim is in order, but the conflict has left its traces: it was «a bloody hood and a small abrasion on his forehead».

«It’s incredible how much hysteria was provoked by the news about the coronavirus please take care of yourself.» the girl wrote. «The wearing of masks in new York right now marks you as a target. please be careful and support for his friends.»

The police Department of new York said that complaints from victims are not reported, but the Department for combating crimes of hate shared the video, calling the victim to contact the police.

«The NYPD and the task force for combating crimes of hatred encourage the victim to report the incident to the police for full investigation.» — stated in the message.

The police hopes that the woman still see their message and declare itself.