The police went to help a screaming child, but found only a stuck goat

Great that the police was also a great sense of humor.

The police of Canada that rushed to help the crying child, and instead he found a goat whose head is stuck in the fence. The animal obviously couldn’t get out on their own and called for help.

Police were called to the area in Ottawa, Canada, is rich in thick vegetation, in the past month after they received a call from concerned citizens about the child, calling for help.

«Officers searched the darkness but couldn’t hear. In addition, they failed to find a child who would need assistance,» — said in a statement this week, representatives of the Ottawa police.

A woman in a neighbouring house told the officers that her 3 children safe and in order, but the woman’s husband noticed that his goats earlier in the day stuck in the fence and she could become a cause of concern. «The father of the family said that the sound could be easily mistaken for the cry of the child»,- said the representatives of law and order.

When officers went to look at the goat, they saw that she was trapped «in the place where, as reported by concerned citizens, was the sound.»

Police described the challenge as «a bad day at the 4-legged child», but about the call to not bring them out of themselves.

«If without jokes, the police reminds citizens about the need to report suspicious activity immediately so we can check,» said the police. «I will watch out on time, there’ll be nothing to regret after.»

It was not the first time a call to the police led only to a defenseless animal. Last year police in Florida went to the home after neighbors reported hearing a woman scream inside. However, the police arrived on the call, only found a green parrot named Rambo, who was taught to say «Help! Help!» and «let me Out!»