Filling the employee stole in the first change $17000, and the boss doesn’t even know his name

I think it was the perfect crime.

During his very first night shift at a gas station in Connecticut when he was left completely alone, the man stole cash and goods in the amount of $17 thousand, and then stole the documents which he himself had provided to the employer, so now he has no idea who he is.

In the police Department Hamden asked for help in identifying the men, which was filmed by a surveillance camera on Tuesday. The police explained that he took lottery tickets, 89 cartons of cigarettes and cash totaling $17183. The robbery took place at the end of January at a petrol station Go On Gas. The owner of the store at the gas station said that he understood that something was wrong, I watched the video from surveillance cameras in the store through the app on my phone and saw that no one in the store does not work.

Careful whom you hire!!In late January, Hamden Police responded to Go On Gas, 144 Arch Street on the report of a…

Geplaatst door Hamden Police Department op Dinsdag 4 februari 2020

It is unclear how the man was able to remain anonymous simply because he took the file about yourself, the employer, but it will be a lesson to him about the importance of creating electronic copies.

Here is what was written in the police post on the social network: «Be careful who you hire!!

In late January, Hamden police responded to the call to Go On Gas, the gas station, located at 144 Arch Street. Police reported about committed the theft. Officer Jay Bandello said that the owner hired «a new employee for night work. During the first shift of the employee, when he was alone, the shop owner used the application on his mobile phone to see the shooting from surveillance cameras at the store. He quickly realized that the new employee resigned. The shop owner immediately came to the store and realized that the new employee stole different things, including lottery tickets, 89 cartons of cigarettes and money. The total amount stolen was $17183. Furthermore, the above goods, a new employee stole a folder with his documents where he kept his personal information. Thus, the store owner does not know the name of the new employee. Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact officer Jay Mannella of the Hamden Police Department Patrol Division at (203) 230-4030».