Family says goodbye to Aaron by Bakuninism who died in a car accident 2 months before 18th birthday

A terrible tragedy took the life of a young Aaron from Vancouver. Family and friends are trying to cope with the loss and the last time say goodbye to a son, a brother and a friend.

31 Dec Aaron Makunin went fishing on «Mercedes» when suddenly his car collided with a van «Ford». The collision was fatal: the car Aaron was completely deformed, a 17-year-old boy died on the spot. Rescuers took 20 minutes to remove the body from the wreckage of the car. The van driver survived and was hospitalized.

It is not known what caused the crash. Eyewitnesses of the accident reported that Aaron crashed the van, crossing the center line of the road. According to his brothers, Aaron was a very careful driver and have never used a phone while driving. The boy reached her house in just 2 miles.

Aaron left a loving family. He was very friendly with his two brothers and wanted to organize them together with their own business. Aaron «was their best friend»: devastated family say that he loved to live and was forced to laugh all around. According to the brothers, the guy most in life loved two things: family and fishing.

The guy was only 2 months before his 18th birthday.

Last farewell to Aaron passed on 5 February in the Church Word of Grace Bible Church. The funeral will be held on Friday, February 7 at Northwood Park cemetery. To pay for the expensive funeral of a cousin of the guy, Tanja Melanchuk, organized a campaign to raise funds on the website GoFundMe.