The dog stayed with the owner when that was crushed by tree

A terrible incident occurred with a man from Liverpool when he was just out walking the dog. An ordinary walk in the Park turned out to be fatal: a 60-year-old man fell off the tree after raging in Britain hurricane «Siera». A faithful dog stayed with his master until help arrives.

According to police, the dog’s microchip helped to identify the victim, who was soon taken to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the man died from his injuries.

«We confirm that the person struck a fallen tree in the Black woods in Woolton, unfortunately, died.» — said a spokesman for Merseyside police in a statement. «A man from Liverpool, who was over 60 already identified his next of kin were informed. The road in this area will remain closed.»

This is not the first victim of the storm earlier due to a fallen tree injured 58-year-old man. The incident occurred when he was returning from Winchester in Hampshire on your car. According to employees of firefighting and rescue service Hampshire, rescuers took four hours to free the car and the owner from a deadly trap.

Despite the fact that the hurricane «Siera» has passed, the British weather service warns that the people of England should prepare for a new dangerous hurricane Dennis, which could trigger floods and strong winds, a speed of about 60 mph.