Three drunken nanny was riding in the car in which 6 young children were lying on the backseat and in the trunk

When the police of the state of Kentucky stopped the car, at the wheel which was 18-year-old girl who had to watch the kids, they found three children sleeping in the trunk, and three on the back seat without car seats.

As reported by the Courier Journal, the car, at the wheel which was 18-year-old Krislen T. Talbott, stopped on the interstate 165 (Interstate 165) at Hartford (Kentucky). The car was traveling at a speed of 97 miles per hour.

According to the patrol, the car smelled of marijuana, and the Talbott was intoxicated. Officers on patrol found three children in the back seat of the car without car seats.

When Talbott testing for intoxication, the patrol heard a noise from the back of the car and found three other children sleeping in the trunk of a car. All six children were under the age of 5 years.

According to SurfKY News, the other two female passengers also had to watch the kids. All three were taken to the Ohio County jail in Hartford, but social services took the children.

18-year-old Krislen Talbott was charged with speeding, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and six points, threatening the welfare of a minor.

19-year-old Peyton N. Kums charged with six counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, drunk in public, the possession of marijuana.

20-year-old Allison Frazier also was charged with intoxication in public, tampering with physical evidence, six points that threaten the welfare of a minor, possession of drugs.