How to evacuate from Wuhan in different countries

Authorities in many countries of the world stated in January of the intention to withdraw from China its citizens due to the spread of the coronavirus. About it reports Reuters. Evacuated foreigners from Wuhan — the epicenter of the emergence and spread of coronavirus mainly diplomatic mission embassies. Now the city is closed on quarantine. It has a population of 11 million people.

USA: the evacuation of Americans

The first evacuation took place before the announcement of the who emergency in connection with the coronavirus. In late January, the U.S. State Department said that it will evacuate staff from its Consulate in Wuhan in the United States and will provide a limited number of seats to private citizens of the United States during the flight.

The plane took off from Wuhan on January 28 in San Francisco with 195 evacuated and arrived at a military airbase merch in southern California on January 29. All the evacuees were detained on the base for 3 days to conduct tests for the virus. Then still the U.S. government did not leave people on a compulsory 14-day quarantine.

Trump weighs more evacuations of Americans from China over virus via @politico Officials are also considering a mandatory order for all U. S. citizens there to leave, two officials told POLITICO.

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8 Feb Morgan Ortagus, the official representative of the Department provided the official report on the evacuation of Wuhan American citizens.

He said that on 7 February, two flights from Wuhan with US citizens, their immediate family and legal permanent residents of the United States landed safely in the United States. As in the case of evacuation flights landed 5 February, all passengers were thoroughly checked and monitored by the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) and the Department of health and human services (HHS).

These flights were a joint effort of the Department of State, CDC, HHS, Department of defense, and state and local authorities for the delivery of home needy Americans. Five Charter flights, the U.S. government has taken from China nearly 900 people.

Ortagus said: «We remain committed to our vital mission — to ensure the welfare of U.S. citizens abroad and provide important information that will help them to stay safe. Our team here in Washington and at our Embassy and consulates in China, cooperates closely with the Chinese authorities to provide all possible support to US citizens throughout China. We urge U.S. citizens to continue to review our Chinese guidelines for tourism in and also closely monitor and follow CDC and local health authorities».

On February 18, according to the US Centers for control and prevention of diseases, two groups of people who have recently returned from Wuhan, had completed her 14-day quarantine at bases in California.

There were two confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus among the flown in from Wuhan. Representatives of the CDC announced that the first and second patients arrived on different planes and were accommodated in separate institutions.

In a statement, the CDC says that 180 people in quarantine at an air force base Travis and 166 at the airbase of the marine corps Miramar already «clean from a medical point of view,» and the quarantine lifted. One person from the group Miramar, which was confirmed by the presence of coronavirus, remains in the hospital. The second has recovered and was discharged.

Diamond Princess: the evacuation of Americans

Meanwhile, passengers of the cruise liner Diamond Princess recently returned to the United States. They «were kept separately from those people who were in Travis and nearing the end of their quarantine,» the statement reads CDC.

Ill since Diamond Princess was sent to Omaha to the Medical center of Nebraska / University of Nebraska (UNMC), because there is a special biocontrol unit with 10 beds. This is a gated community with its own ventilation system, which is isolated from the rest of the hospital and staffed by people with special training in infectious diseases. In 2014, the Department has successfully treated three patients with Ebola, including Dr. Rick Sacra, American doctor from Massachusetts, who fell ill while working with patients with Ebola in Africa.

14 patients who came to medical center of the University of Nebraska with the cruise liner Diamond Princess, get support help, said Dr. mark Rupp, chief of the division of infectious diseases hospital, according to CNN.


Aircraft of the Bundeswehr Airbus A310 evacuated 124 (102 and 22 of the German of a foreigner) of Hubei province, the most severely affected by the coronavirus. The plane took off from Cologne airport on Friday, January 31st around noon CET (14:00 GMT) and returned to Germany in the afternoon of 1 February.

The crew of a military aircraft was ready for departure on Tuesday evening, 29.01, but the message came from China: the evacuation was postponed for 48 hours because of the unavailability of necessary documentation.

According to the representative of the Ministry of defence of Germany in comments to newspaper Bild, initially, Russia had authorized the flights of the aircraft through its airspace, but on the way back to landing the aircraft in one of the Moscow airports was denied, said the representative of the Ministry of defence of Germany Daniel Draken.

It is noted that the landing was necessary for refueling and replacement of the crew — the pilots were already in Moscow. The result of the German military had to develop a new route and send the Board to Germany via Helsinki.

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Wt (Heiko Maas) stressed that among the evacuees there was no one with suspected coronavirus, repatriation of Germans was carried out on a voluntary basis.

The Minister also said that China asked Germany to deliver this aircraft in China, 10 thousands of protective suits for use in the field.

Part of the cost of the evacuation, the Germans had to cover yourself, the amount does not exceed the cost of a ticket in economy class. With them were allowed to take 7kg of hand Luggage and a suitcase weighing up to 23 kg.

As reported by SNN, in-flight 10 passengers were isolated, two from contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus, six because of suspicious symptoms and two passengers, who was accompanied by one of the six travelers with symptoms. Upon arrival, all isolated in flight were negative for coronavirus.

Upon arrival at the airport of Frankfurt am main, all the passengers have been placed under two-week quarantine on the territory of one of the barracks of the air forces of Germany in Germersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is located about 100 kilometers from Frankfurt airport.

Coronavirus: Germany planning evacuation of its citizens in China. Germany may evacuate its citizens from China because of the spreading coronavirus, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said. He also urged Germans not to make any «unnecessary trips» to China.

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Two German nationals evacuated from Wuhan, was infected coronaviruses. On Sunday, February 2, announced in a joint press release of the German red cross, military-air forces of Germany and the districts of Germersheim, writes DW.

«These people took the news cautiously and was isolated,» the report says. Infected was taken to University hospital of Frankfurt am main in a specially equipped vehicle. Both cases recovered.

In the press release reassured that the volunteers and the local population Germersheim is no threat of Contracting a coronavirus no.

In Germany, analyzed the methodology for the identification of coronavirus COVID-19, which is used to evacuate foreign citizens from China. It proved ineffective. About it reports CNN with reference to the analysis published in the medical journal.


The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe said in late January that the French, who are in the Chinese city of Wuhan if you want to be evacuated home, reports France Info. A total of three special flights was evacuated for about 400 French people who wanted to leave the territory of China.

The first plane with evacuees from Wuhan French sat down at a military airfield near Marseille on 1 Feb. 179 people were placed on a two-week quarantine in the resort town of carry-Le-Rouet in Marseille. People settled on the basis of rest in a pine forest.

2 Feb France evacuated by a special flight from Wuhan to 250 people, including 64 of its citizen. The rest of the passengers are citizens of 30 countries, mainly European. Almost half of them were immediately sent home. The French news Agency AFP reported that the home is sent to the potentially sick.

New @hifly_airline evacuation flight from China. This is #coronavirus 003 landing in French Istres Air Force Base (near Marseilles) #fildefense. Photo from FAF

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About 20 French passengers on the flight showed signs of infection with coronavirus. This was announced on Sunday, February 2, in Paris the Minister of health of France Agnes Busan. Those who have suspected symptoms of the virus, left on a military base for further tests.

Other evacuees also were forced to quarantine one part sent as passengers of the first flight, to recreation under the Marseille, the other — in the dormitory fire Academy in AIX-EN-Provence.

To date, no single case of coronavirus was confirmed nor have those who were brought from China. 14 days, no one has shown symptoms of the disease, so all go home.


Moroccans living in Wuhan, asked the social network to talk about experiencing the fear and urge their government to repatriate them.

Morocco is the first African country, announced the plans for the evacuation of their citizens from China. King Mohammed VI of Morocco at the end of January ordered to be repatriated 100 Moroccan citizens, mainly students from Chinese area of Wuhan.

The initiative of king Mohammed VI was welcomed by Moroccans who were cut off from the rest of the world.

The king asked to take the necessary measures of health in relation to transport, airports and specific infrastructure acceptance in coordination with the Embassy of Morocco in Beijing.

At the airport Mohammed V in Casablanca was mobilized medical teams to conduct medical examinations repatriated Moroccans, most of whom are students.

Official sources indicate that among Moroccans living in the Chinese province affected by the virus is not registered.


The government of Canada has placed the evacuated Canadians on the largest military base in Trenton in Ontario.

The first flight from Wuhan with 176 people on Board landed on the 7th of February. A few hours after his landing in Trenton landed US government plane, which arrived 39 of Canadians. Passengers of two flights placed in the hotel complex on a military base, where they remained for 14 days under medical supervision.

Why Canada has Delayed Evacuation of its Citizens from China#AirLift #Canada #CanadianGovernment #Coronavirus #Evacuation #Health #HealthCanada #quarantined #Wuhan

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On February 11, the base came another plane that brought another 200 evacuated from China people.

No one of these three groups didn’t get sick.

Passengers of the first and second flights will be able to freely leave the military base of the 21st of February. Arrived 11 Feb leave the base on 25 February, if will be healthy.

Australia and New Zealand

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Australia, Marisa Payne reported that 243 of the citizen and residents were evacuated from Wuhan on Monday, February 3, on a plane chartered by the government of Australia.

More than 200 Australians from Hubei province were placed in the temporary stay on Christmas island in the Indian ocean (North-West coast of Australia). This is the place where to 2018 sent illegal migrants. The island is located 1500 km from the mainland.

After 2 days there brought from China 36 citizens of New Zealand.

No one showed tested positive for the coronavirus.

The population of the island (1843 people) were against what was brought to him of the evacuated citizens of Australia.


Ukrainian plane 18 Feb flew to the Chinese city of Wuhan to pick up the Ukrainians and foreigners. February 19, the plane arrived in China. The plane rose into the air at 00:30 local time. On Board was not allowed 4 people and a dog. This was reported on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in China.

On the way to Ukraine the plane made a technical landing at Almaty to plant two citizens of Kazakhstan.

February 20 at 9:36 SkyUp airliner flight PQ 7302 landed at the airport «Borispol» after made ten laps over the Kharkov region. It became known that in Kiev, he made a stop to refuel. Around 12:00, the plane landed in Kharkov.

On Board the special flight from China was 94 people: 22 members of the crew and accompanying medical staff and 72 passengers, including 45 citizens of Ukraine and 27 foreigners (citizens of Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Montenegro, Panama and Israel).

#Ukraine had evacuated 73 45 people including Ukrainians & 28 foreigners from #Wuhan #China. Foreigners will be have to pay for evacuation. All will be #Quarantined for 14 days. Earlier today, people near Lviv protested against quarantine patients in the area. #coronavirus

Best Health 4 You (@besthealthyou) February 20, 2020

Some Ukrainians greeted evacuated from Wuhan protests and pelted the buses with stones, and the inhabitants of the village, which placed a arrived at quarantine, have expressed their doubts about the readiness of the Ukrainian medicine to cope with possible threats. The Minister of health of Ukraine Zoryana Skaletska decided to join the citizens who are placed on observation in the village of New Sanzhary. The corresponding statement she made on Facebook the evening of February 20.

Other countries

Singapore evacuated their citizens quietly, but after flying two of them were sick.

February 1 in Britain landed the plane with 83 British citizens and 27 citizens of the European Union from Wuhan. Not all Britons were able to leave China, because some people with a Chinese passport, the authorities banned the exit. The British were quarantined for 14 days in the establishment of the NHS in the North West of England (at the military base «Briz Norton»), and then transferred them to the hospital. Citizens of Spain sent home from the base.

Japan was the third chartered flight to repatriate the Japanese, who arrived from Wuhan in February 1, bringing the number of repatriated citizens has reached 565. The Minister for foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi said that Japan was taking steps for the repatriation of all Japanese who want to go from Wuhan and surrounding areas.

Uzbekistan evacuated 251 person from China amid the outbreak of coronavirus and isolated them upon arrival in Tashkent, reported the state airline of Central Asia.

Russia to be placed on quarantine used the resort «town Planner» in the Tyumen region. The Russians held a two-week quarantine, as reported by authorities, in a specially equipped place in the rehabilitation centre of the region.

Kazakhstan evacuated 83 of its citizens, mostly students, from Wuhan. February 20, two citizens of Kazakhstan were brought from China a transit flight that evacuated Ukrainians.

South Korea sent home 368 of its citizens on a Charter flight which arrived on Friday 1 February. On the same day the second Charter flight departed from Seoul to Wuhan to pick up another 350 residents of South Korea. Only since the end of January removed 865 people.

Saudi Arabia evacuated 10 students from Wuhan, said on Sunday the 2 of February the state TV of Saudi Arabia.

Sunday 2 February, the government of Indonesia has taken 243 Indonesian of the Chinese of Hubei province and placed them in quarantine at a military base on the sparsely populated island Natuna besar to the North-West of Borneo. The arrival evacuated Indonesians on the island Natuna was followed by protests in the shares of local residents: they burned tires and staged a demonstration. Authorities placed the region’s armed forces.

On 3 February the government of Italy, which is the first among the EU countries have declared a state of emergency in connection with virus evacuated from Wuhan 56 citizens. Removed from Wuhan Italians were placed in quarantine at a military base near Rome. One of the returnees had symptoms of the virus — he was taken to the Rome hospital specializing in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Pakistan: 800 Pakistani students are asked to evacuate, but the government is not ready to accept them

The group of students was placed in a Dorm for three weeks and wants the government helped them to return home. Reported by the Guardian.

Hundreds of Pakistani students trapped in the Chinese city in the center of the outbreak of coronavirus, said that subject to «mental torture», and appealed to their government to help bring them out.

Rehan Rashid, who is studying medicine in Wuhan in 2015, criticized the government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan for refusing to return more than 800 students who are trapped in the city, as it was blocked by the Chinese authorities in an attempt to contain the outbreak.

He also said that five Pakistani students studying in Wuhan University of science and technology, contracted the virus.

«We do not evacuate and do not support us, — said Rashid, speaking on the phone from China. We are all very scared, this is a terrible situation. We were put in a Dorm room more than 20 days. In the last three days I wasn’t even allowed to leave, even for food, and we are surrounded by fear.»

Students witnessed how their colleagues from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA, UK and other countries participated in the evacuation flights provided by their governments. Officials in the government of Pakistan encouraged the group to «maintain the peace». Pakistan has close ties with China, and government officials have repeatedly congratulated the Chinese government with what they have coped with the outbreak.

It is also assumed that refusal of evacuation of students back to Pakistan due to fears that the country’s health care or opportunities for safe quarantine of immigrants or dealing with an outbreak of the coronavirus in Pakistan. Pakistan copes poorly with disease outbreaks and is one of two countries in the world that are unable to eradicate polio.

Imran Khan said on Twitter: «I have instructed our Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of foreign Affairs to do everything possible for our students, who are stuck in Wuhan».

Raszyn added: «it is Obvious that our government does not want to withdraw us from this situation. We met with representatives of the authorities of Wuhan, and they told us that we have no problems with the departure, but «your government does not want to accept you». We appreciate what you do Chinese authorities, but they are not sure that we’ll survive, we therefore ask our government to help us. Please evacuate us.».

His statement was supported by Amjad Hussein, a graduate student at the Chinese University of Geosciences who has studied three years in Wuhan. «There is panic,’ said Hussein. — Undoubtedly, among the students there is anger against the Pakistani state, who do nothing. We just want to know why Pakistan is not helping us and not evacuate us? I want to go home and I want my country helped.»

The anger and pain felt by the relatives of the students in Pakistan. Abdul Rashid Belug, father of Rashid, who lives in Balochistan, Pakistan, said, «I am more than concerned. My heart and mind in there with my son.»

Belug told him that talking to his son to keep hope. «Fellowship with him each day makes me move, otherwise I feel dead,’ he added. No assistance from the government of Pakistan. No.»