In Michigan held a protest against the Directive of «Stay home!»

Orders of isolation because of coronavirus cause protests across the country amid fears of economic collapse. Demonstrators took to the streets in Michigan. People gathered Wednesday in Lansing to protest the Directive of the Governor Gretchen Whitmer, calling: «Stay home, stay safe».

Participants in «Operation Greed» (Operation Gridlock), organized by the Conservative coalition of Michigan, has created a huge traffic jam. Thousands of people drove to Lansing and around Michigan’s Capitol as a symbolic gesture of disagreement with the Directive Whitmer, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Mason Maddox, the organizer of the group, said that among the demonstrators are supporters of both parties.

Protesters clog streets in Michigan over Whitmer coronavirus stay-home order

— New York Post (@nypost) April 15, 2020

«Quarantine is when you limit the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you limit the movement of healthy people, ‘said Meddock in an interview with Fox News. — Everyone learned a harsh lesson about social distancing. We don’t need a state babysitter, which tells people how to be careful».

It was expected that the protests will start at noon, but the convoy of cars stretching for miles, lined up as early as 9 am. Despite the fact that the organizers asked the protesters to stay in their cars during the event, many of the demonstrators did not comply with the rules of social distancing.

Michiganders Protest Against Excessive Quarantine — via @TMZ

— Mike Korabik (@MikeKorabik) April 16, 2020

«Operation Gridlock» was just one of many demonstrations planned across the country to challenge the orders to stay at home and to encourage state governments to focus on economic losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and care about the patients.

«Over the past three weeks, was dismissed almost 17 million Americans — or 1 in 10 workers. We are here to make sure that people still have the right to assemble peacefully», — said Phil Odinson, one of the armed men.

Maddock said that the restrictions are destroying people’s lives and may have killed more than the virus.

«The healthcare system is basically closed, she said. — People with various diseases have problems with the doctors because all focused on the virus.

My husband and I visit my relatives, but even this is breaking the law.

Whitmer makes us criminals. People need to use common sense, we can’t just close the whole state.»

A scene from the Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine Facebook group 👇

— Troy Meekhof (@TroyMeekhof) April 15, 2020

Trump has created a task force in the White house, which is mandated to find ways to open the economy.

He identified the deadline is may 1, but some governors said it was too early.

According to Worldometer, April 15 in the U.S. are more than 644 000 cases of coronavirus, and the death toll has exceeded 500 28.

In Michigan, 29 registered more than 900 cases, and 1 108 people died.

Group in Facebook calling on authorities of North Carolina to open a state, gathered for a week of about 40 000 participants.

«We, the citizens of North Carolina demand that our officials opened the state no later than April 29, 2020.

We’re losing small business that is the backbone of our economy — says the administration of the group REOPEN NC. — Quarantine is not feasible for our region.

Vulnerable can be isolated or protected in other ways without sacrificing the economy of the state. It is important to note that in some other States not issued a decree to stay home.»

On Tuesday, four residents of Michigan filed a Federal lawsuit against Whitmer and her order, claiming that their right to communicate with friends and family has been violated.

«It’s like beating a sledgehammer on an ant — commented Directive lawyer David helm. — We believe that the order was overly broad and excessive in nature. There is a way to do this properly, without infringing on the constitutional rights of the people.»

Chief specialist on infectious diseases in the country, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned that too rapid opening of the economy could lead to a second outbreak.