Unsuspecting McDonald’s employee took the order a burglar in his cap and watches

Serving one of the customers, the McDonald’s employee was surprised to learn it on their own watch and hat — and then found out that before the visit to the teahouse, the visitor robbed his apartment.

When 20-year-old Ross Report did order Jack white of Anvika (Northumberland) saw a guy in a Swatch watch and a cap Adidas as two drops of water similar to his own. The man put it down to mere coincidence, however, upon returning home, it was waited by an unpleasant surprise: the castle was opened, and some things stolen.

Report not only robbed the Jack, and tried a drink from its Minibar: the police found the guy’s prints belonging to the white bottle with the rum and traces of his blood on the front door.

Fortunately for the victim, Report soon managed to hold. According to the indictment, this is not the first robbery in his record. In turn, the lawyer of the guy said that he committed the crime while under a «bad» peer pressure, as well as in a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication.

The court sentenced Report, pleaded guilty to 12 months in prison.