«No time to publish and sound»: in the US, the alligator grabbed and dragged under water woman

Woman killed by alligator in a pond in South Carolina, said to her friend that she wants to get closer to the animal, and made no sound when the alligator attacked her and dragged her into the water.

As reported by the assistant Sheriff of Charleston County, 58-year-old Cynthia Covert, died last Friday afternoon at Kiawah Island (South Carolina).

According to militiamen, a witness to the attack – the victim’s friend said that Cynthia decided to come closer to the Gator who was spotted in the pond. When she was at a distance of about 4 feet from the animal, the alligator lunged and grabbed her.

A friend of the deceased added that Cynthia «did not have time to publish and sound» when the alligator pulled him under water.

The woman’s husband and another man tried to beat the alligator with a shovel, but the animal sank deep into the water.

When they arrived, the deputies, the alligator several times appeared on the surface, holding in the mouth Cynthia Covert. One officer was able to shoot the animal when it surfaced.

Local rescuers used the hooks to pull Cynthia Covert from the pond, but the hospital only verified death.

As reported on Monday, the coroner’s office Charleston County, the autopsy showed that the woman died from drowning.