The dispute is about the protective mask in the shop escalated into a shooting. Killed a store security guard

Store security guard in Michigan was killed in the shooting, which occurred after a dispute over a protective mask. He made the remark to the shopper who made the purchase without a mask.

43-year-old Calvin «Duper» of Manelin, the father of nine children, worked as a guard in chain stores, Family Dollar. He died in the workplace from a gunshot wound on Friday, may 1.

According to a statement from Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, 23-year-old Ramona Bishop, 45-year-old Carmel Teague, and her husband, 44-year-old Larry Teague received charges in connection with the shooting in the shop. Bishop, who is suspected in the shooting, is the son of Carmel TIG. Carmel TIG was in prison, and her husband and son were missing.

The shooting occurred a few days after the introduction of the Governor of the state of Gretchen Whitmer’s decision on the compulsory isolation and the use of protective masks. Layton said that the dispute began after Munnerlyn said Charmel TIG, that she needs to wear a mask.

«TIG started screaming at Moerlina and spat on him, but Munnerlyn asked her to leave the store and ordered the cashier not to serve her.» said Layton.

Leighton added that at the time TIG was with his adult daughter, and they left the store after a dispute. About 20 minutes later Larry Teague and Bishop went to the store and came into conflict with Manuelina. According to Layton, witnesses heard TIG shouted to the guard «disrespect to his wife,» and saw the Bishop shot him in the head.

The Prosecutor said that Carmel Teague came into the store with the mask on, but her daughter was without her.

Bishop, Teague and his wife were charged with murder. Among other accusations, Larry Teague is accused of violating regulations on the use of protective masks.

In response to the recent protests against the decisions Whitmer, Leighton said that all state residents are obliged to take responsibility and make the necessary rules to survive the crisis together.

«If not for ourselves, we owe it to Kelvin Maneline who lost their lives in vain and pointless.» he said.