Fires Florida forced more than 500 people to leave their homes

As a result of fires in Florida Panadol, more than 500 residents of Pensacola were forced to evacuate and leave their homes.

According to the Forest service Florida wildfire broke out Monday, after which, due to strong wind and low humidity, the fire began to spread, covering an area of 10 times more than from the beginning. Prior to this it was believed that the fire was expected to fire, but the situation quickly got out of control. Powerful fire called Five Mile Swamp fire.

Forestry officials said the fire area of 2000 acres, burned several buildings, in addition, the local authorities recommend evacuation of residents South of Interstate 10. At the moment it is unknown the exact number of evacuated residents in the area. About 20% of fire a total area of 2,000 acres was extinguished.

According to the statement, the Ministry of agriculture and consumer services of Florida, an evacuation order will be in effect until noon Thursday, after which it will be reviewed by the authorities.

«This is an extremely dangerous and fast growing forest fire is a situation that is quickly evolving, so everything in the affected area must follow the instructions of state and local authorities.» the Commissioner said Florida agriculture Nicky fried.

In 2020 almost all areas of Florida have dropped far less rain than usual. Meteorologist National weather service Jack Cullen said the drought contributed to the fire, and the wind was the main cause of the spread of fire.

The fire also engulfed an area of Walton County with an area of 575 acres. According to the statement of local authorities, about 500 local residents were evacuated. The fire in this area burned several buildings.

About victims and victims is not reported.