In Chicago, the employee of mail has died from the coronavirus in a few days after birth

An employee of the U.S. postal service in Chicago has died from the coronavirus in a few days after birth. Reported by the New York Post. The dead woman is the first postman-courier in Chicago who died of the virus.

According to CBS Chicago, 31-year-old unique clay received a positive test result for coronavirus, when April 30 arrived at the medical center of the University of Chicago to give birth to her third child.

«When she went to give birth, she told me: «Mom, I feel like I have a cold»» — said her mother Annette clay.

Despite the positive test results, yunik was discharged from the hospital with his newborn daughter.

Five days after delivery she started having trouble breathing, and she asked her 11-year-old daughter to buy her an inhaler. But when the girl returned home, mother had already died.

«My newborn niece will never know his mother», — said sister yunik Daja brown.

It is not known how clay had contracted the coronavirus.

CBS Chicago reported that the hospital refused to comment on the reasons for discharge yunik clay, citing privacy concerns of patients.

«The medical community of the University of Chicago extends its deepest sympathy to the family, said the hospital. — We cannot comment on individual cases because of privacy laws patients.»

Chicago postal worker dies from coronavirus just days after giving birth

— New York Post (@nypost) May 11, 2020


«Our employees should take extra precautions, — said the President of the trade Union of postmen Mac Julian. — The American people expects that we will deliver letters to them».

On Saturday, standing at a distance of six feet from each other, with masks on their faces and balloons in hands, colleagues said goodbye with unique clay. Some of them used the lunch break to commemorate the dead before returning to work.

«We want to postmen tested, said Julian. — We needed. We interact daily with the public. So we have to safely return home to their families.»