Police approached a lone fisherman to be fined for violation of quarantine, but it was not a fisherman (photo)

Police in France have approached the «fisherman» who violates the quarantine, but found that is not a fisherman.

A funny thing happened in Normandy – there’s cops on the beach noticed the figure of «the fisherman» — and decided to go to a fine for violation of the rules of quarantine, but upon closer inspection they found that it’s just a Scarecrow.

Photos of «detention» Scarecrow published eyewitnesses in social networks.

«Three of them, in case something goes wrong,» commented one user.

«Lucky they did not beat the Scarecrow,» wrote another.

Pour TROLLER un les flics … type met un épouvantail sur une plage fermée … Ils s amènent pour donner une grosse contravention ! // TROLLING cops with a scarecrow on a closed beach … Here they come to give him a huge ticket ! 🙂 pic.twitter.com/RLbmjvuQDg

— Marc Hogue (@Boss_Hogue) May 10, 2020

A similar incident occurred just last week – and also in France.

A woman named Jane Kozlowski caught the moment when a police officer approached an inflatable doll on the beach of Carnon, near Montpellier, and, it seems, wanted to tell her about the violation of the quarantine.

«Now I’m making a documentary about life in isolation. Every day I take the sea, horizon, beach, my neighbors. My terrace faces the beach — said Jane. The other morning I saw an umbrella and a woman lying under him. I have decided that it is very brave of you, considering the fact that the daily police patrol the beaches on foot, by helicopter or by boat».

Jane decided to take a «stranger» in the video, but when I zoomed in, I realized that in front of her – a blow-up doll. And it was already approaching patrol.

«Actually, I think it’s good that so many people continue to joke, even in these strange times,» said Jane.