Mother’s Day 2 little girls were killed by the flood in the canyon of Utah

In Utah during a hike organized by the family on Mother’s Day, two little sisters were killed on the trail in the canyon due to sudden floods in the narrow gorge near State Park Goblin valley. It is reported by the SUN.

The police said the girls, aged three and seven years was washed away by flood water and flew through the valley «as in a washing machine», when the outbreak of the thunderstorm had turned the dry desert into a raging stream.

Mother’s Day horror as young sisters swept to deaths in canyon floods

— The US Sun (@TheSunUS) May 13, 2020

The family was vacationing in San Rafael on Mother’s Day, and on Monday went on a hike on the Canyon Wild Horses. Sister 7-year-old Kinzli and 3-year-old Ellie Graff walked with mom and dad when on Monday flood suddenly filled the canyon.

Mother’s Day 2 little girls were killed by the flood in the canyon of UtahTim and Becky Graff c Kinsly daughters Ellie and Credit:

Water and mud flows washed away family at a distance of 3 miles, carrying them through narrow rock formations.

«It’s like putting them in the washing machine», said emery County Sheriff Greg Funk.

The girls ‘ father Tim Graff saw from the mouth of the canyon the water flows, bringing the body of his 7-year-old daughter.

He tried to make the girl CPR but could not revive her, according to Deseret News.

80 people joined the search for 3-year-old girl after a piece of her clothes were found seven miles downstream.

Her body was discovered from a helicopter on Tuesday about 30 miles from the shore of muddy Creek near Hanksville.

Created by one of my colleagues mom girls Becky Graff GoFundMe page hoping to get $ 50,000 in donations to help cover the «funeral services, medical bills, bills for the household and ongoing support, when Tim and Becky will survive this tragedy».

Authorities reported that at least 21 tourists trapped in the flood in the canyon, got out safely.

Trails in the canyon, is popular for its colorful rock formations, in places so narrow that travelers have to turn sideways to squeeze between the rocks.

Survivors told how the slopes of the canyon into the falls after the beginning of the hurricane with rain and large hail.

These are some photos in the Little Wildhorse Canyon area yesterday. Courtesy Of Emma Porter. #ksltv

— Alex Cabrero (@KSL_AlexCabrero) May 12, 2020

One of the survivors of the tourists talked about. what he had to endure that day in the canyon.

«My first adventure in the canyon was a complete immersion in what Park Rangers call «the sudden flood of the decade.» We were forced to find refuge and to seek a higher position because of the strong storm that suddenly moved into the area.

We are trapped just above the narrow slits. It was very scary when the dry bed of the stream was quickly filled with a rapid stream of muddy water.

The canyon walls turned into waterfalls, flying large hailstones that rolled down the rocks.

After nearly an hour the rain stopped and we determined that the water level dropped enough to safely fit through the holes at the bottom.»

The names of the dead sisters were not disclosed, but friends have decorated their home in West Jordan with ribbons and hung on the garage of the family a plaque with the inscription: «We love you».

Neighbors said the girls ‘ parents were experienced travelers, who loved Hiking and camping.

«Our hearts are broken with grief of this family, — said neighbor Angie white in an interview with Fox13 Salt Lake City. — 7-year-old girl often went on the bike and always stopped to greet us. 3-year-old girl was similar to her older sister, followed her around and repeating everything she said.»

Mother’s Day 2 little girls were killed by the flood in the canyon of UtahTim and Becky Graff c Kinsly daughters Ellie and Credit:

«We Express our deepest condolences to the family who lost two daughters during a flash flood, said Utah Governor Gary Herbert. — Utah mourns with the family and prays for them during this heartbreaking time.»