In Denver a man released from prison because of the coronavirus, shot a woman

The man who was released early from prison due to pandemic coronavirus, is accused of killing 21-year-old woman committed last Saturday in Denver.

40-year-old Cornelius Haney was arrested on suspicion of killing 21-year-old Heather Perry, who died in a street shooting in Denver last weekend, reports the New York Post, citing 9News-Denver. The motive of the murder, the police did not disclose.

Because of the pandemic, the representative of the correctional institutions of the state of Colorado has approved the release Haney from prison on April 15, that is, four months before its scheduled release, reported the press Secretary of the channel 9News Denver.

The offender, whose criminal history includes more than 10 years, serving 7-year sentence for robbery. He was released in accordance with the state order, aimed at reducing the number of prisoners in a time of crisis in public health.

A convict who was freed from prison due to coronavirus has been accused of murder in Denver

— New York Post (@nypost) May 16, 2020

The order allowed certain prisoners to leave the prison on PAROLE (parole), according to 9News-Denver.

«When considering the criteria for PAROLE the medical staff of the Department of corrections checks offenders for the presence of risk factors associated with COVID, which is documented by the Centers for disease control (CDC)», — said the representative of the channel.

He explained that the clinical group looks at the medical records of the prisoner that he individually confirm the presence of chronic diseases and their severity. The Department also considers information concerning the crime for which the offender is convicted, and his behavior in prison. As soon as doctors and PAROLE will make a recommendation, the package is transferred to the PAROLE Board for consideration.

All States, including new York have issued similar orders for prisons, which are believed to be particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of coronavirus infection.