8 people killed in 20 car crashes in Utah

8 people killed in 20 car crashes in Utah

Eight people died and 10 more were seriously injured when a sandstorm caused visibility problems on the roads — leading to a series of 22 car accidents in Utah on Sunday evening, authorities said.

The crashes occurred on I-15 near Kanosh , the Utah Department of Civil Service said.

Several people were rushed to local hospitals in critical condition, officials said. Authorities did not say how many people were injured, but noted that the death toll could rise.

“20 vehicles appear to have been involved in an accident on Sunday after a strong wind caused a sandy or dusty storm and worsened visibility on the roadway, «the message says.

Images from the crash site show several tractor trailers, as well as damaged cars and debris scattered along the road. At least one vehicle appears to have had its passenger doors ripped off.

According to CNN meteorologist Gene Norman, a severe thunderstorm was recorded southeast of Kanosh around 4:30 pm. There have also been reports of gusts of 51 mph winds.

The report states that the names of the victims will not be released until 24 hours after notifying their families.