Illegal party for minors ends in double murder

Illegal party for minors ends in double murder

Early in the morning, April 17, in a house rented through Airbnb, 50 shots were fired. At that moment there were about 200 people there who had gathered for a party. As a result, two teenagers were killed and at least 8 more were injured. Read today in USA.ONE:

Shooting in Pittsburgh: party ends in murder

What is known about the incident?

Illegal party in Pennsylvania turned into tragedy Illegal party for minors ends in double murderIllegal party for minors ends in double murderphoto: Reddit

Around 12:30 on the night of April 17, a series of shots were heard in a house in Pittsburgh. Panic began among those gathered and screams were heard. Some jumped out of windows to escape the bullets. Others fell down the stairs trying to run outside. According to the preliminary conclusion of the police, fire was opened during an illegally organized party on the territory of a rented house, in which about 200 people were present. Many of them have not reached adulthood.

At least 50 bullets were fired inside and several more in the yard. Guests fleeing from the shooting received broken bones and lacerations. No one has been arrested yet, and detectives continue to examine evidence found in 8 different locations within a several-block radius around the house. They are also reviewing surveillance video to determine the identity of the shooters. According to Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, several people opened fire after an argument broke out.

In addition to gunshot wounds, partygoers suffered injuries from jumping from windows and falling from stairs. The current goal of the police is to find the criminals. Schubert stated that this should not have happened:

"There are too many illegal weapons on the streets. There are too many people who have access to it. Innocent people suffered. We are doing everything possible to find the suspects."

Illegal party for minors ends in double murderIllegal party for minors ends in double murderphoto:

Judging by the shell casings found at the scene, the attackers fired from different types of weapons, including a rifle. Airbnb has already responded to the shooting, saying that they "share the outrage of Pittsburgh residents and sympathize with all the victims and relatives of the victims." The rental company also reported that its rules prohibit parties.

"We condemn behavior that results in violence. An unauthorized party was held without the consent or knowledge of the owner of the house. Violation of this agreement will result in a fine of $500. We have permanently banned the person who rented this premises. And we will consider all options to bring him to justice," — said Airbnb.

In addition, you can create an account on the site from the age of 18, and many teenagers under this age were present at the party. The company noted that its CEO Brian Chesky has joined a coalition of CEOs across the country to call for stricter gun control, reducing illegal gun use on the streets.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey said police does everything possible to apprehend criminals. Their victims were 17-year-olds Matthew Steffey-Ross and Jayden Brown (pictured above). This is the third time in the last 9 days that gunfire broke out during a party. Tragedies have also occurred in homes rented on Airbnb. One of them occurred in a residential area in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, and the other in Sacramento, California, during which one teenager died.

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