In California, a crane collapsed on the building (photos)

In California, a crane collapsed on the building (photos)

In Campbell, California, the house fell a crane. Fortunately, the host this time was not at home.

Crane geared two outbuildings in the backyard and fell right on the roof of the house. Now, the estimated amount of the damage.

«I wasn’t home, and when he returned, it was like some surreal scene, like: so, wait, when I left, everything was in order!», Joseph said Ford, the owner of the house, which happily escaped the disaster.

As reported by ABC7, the contractor worked to move electrosupport on Sondra Way, and that’s when the crane overturned. It is unknown why.

Young man who lives here says he’s just trying to figure out how this happened. He’s glad no one was hurt. #crane #Campbell @abc7david

— Katie Marzullo (@KatieABC7) August 9, 2017

«The guy who lives here, says that is just trying to understand how it happened. He’s glad no one was hurt.»

Police and the fire service confirmed that there were no injuries. Company PG&E brought a generator to supply electricity until liquidate all the consequences of an accident.

Representatives of the firm of King Crane, which owns the crane, declined to comment on the press incident.