At the chemical plant in Texas has been leaked

At the chemical plant in Texas has been leaked

On Monday evening, about half past four, the residents of La Porte, Baytown and Shoreacres has received a warning not to leave their homes, turn off air conditioners and close Windows and doors. The reason of such decision of the local authorities was leaked to the pipeline that broke 20 miles East of downtown Houston in the petrochemical area of La Porte.

About seven o’clock in the evening, the La Porte police reported that a chemical accident was extinguished by local firefighters.

At the chemical plant in Texas has been leaked

Substance leak which occurred between Texas 225 and Texas 146, was anhydrous hydrogen chloride. It is dangerous for human life and can have a negative impact on the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. Not a flammable substance used in the manufacture of rubber, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and refining of petrol and metals.

A resident of La Porte , Amy Martin said that he had received a text message, a phone call and an email with instructions about the shelter due to «emergency situations caused by pollution by chemical substances». Amy noticed that he heard the sound of sirens a few minutes later.

Police said that the investigation into the incident has already begun. It is unknown what exactly the company responsible for the leak of dangerous chemicals.


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