The Prosecutor apologized to the innocent who had been in prison for 40 years

The Prosecutor apologized to the innocent who had been in prison for 40 years

After forty years in prison for a crime he did not commit, a 55-year-old resident of Philadelphia heard an apology from the Prosecutor.

Gerald Dugan worked in the unit for the murders of the Prosecutor’s office of Philadelphia. In 1977, he was the Prosecutor at the trial of Kevin Brinkley, then – 15-year-old manwho was suspected in the murder of a deliveryman of food.

The killing was unintentional because the guy wanted to Rob, not kill. All relatives said that the crime was committed by a younger brother , Kevin, Ronnie, however, these readings remained unheard.

Kevin Brinkley has not yet cleared of charges, but the U.S. Supreme court declared unconstitutional a life sentence without right of parole for a teenager. Now 55-year-old Kevin was released from prison, and former Prosecutor filed a petition for reconsideration, reports

«You have not seen so many sunrises and sunsets. You have never driven a car, never had love. You were deprived of what we consider to be a common thing. And I want you to know that I am responsible for it,» said attorney Kevin Brinkley. «I had to make you and Ronald to take a polygraph, had to put you next to the witnesses was able to point to the culprit.»

Note that one of the key prosecution witnesses later recanted, and the younger brother of Kevin repeatedly admitted his guilt, but his confession was considered «not credible».

Kevin Brinkley met relatives who were photographed with him on the mobile device, with which a man never knew. Relatives are determined to fight for the complete liberation of Kevin’s accusations.

Freed himself accepted the apology of the Prosecutor Dugan. «My anger will still not be able to cancel all these years, so I forgive you,» said Brinkley.