Introduced new rules on asylum in the United States

Introduced new rules on asylum in the United States

The interview for asylum, priority is given to invite those who have applied recently. They will be given preference over those who are already several years waiting for their turn. On 31 January announced Service citizenship and immigration USA Services (USCIS). The grounds for obtaining refugee status will remain the same, but the procedure itself will change.

  • What caused the change of the administrative process for consideration of applications for political asylum?

Innovations explain the crisis: as of January 21, 2018 more than 311 thousand people applying for asylum, expecting an interview. The system becomes increasingly vulnerable to fraud and abuse. Waiting to have time to settle down, get a job, even marriage. Over the past 5 years, according to USCIS, the number of applications for asylum in the United States has tripled, while the number of cases in which delayed decision-making, increased by 1750%!

Introduced new rules on asylum in the United States

  • What solution offers the Service of citizenship and immigration of the United States?

According to the latest decision, applicants will be call for an interview within 21 days from the date of filing. All who have applied earlier, will be served in the second turn. Therefore, the Service plans to prevent further procedural delays. However, under the new rules applicants who have applied for asylum earlier, most likely, will remain pending, because with the increased number of applications to them it may never be reached.


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