Woman is suing casino for that jackpot instead she was offered a free steak

Woman is suing casino for that jackpot instead she was offered a free steak

On the screen of the slot machine in one of the casino in Queens was highlighted congratulation with the victory. A resident of new York Katrina Buchman won the jackpot of $ 43 million. It is the largest jackpot in U.S. history and he certainly will change her life, thought Katrina. The woman even took a selfie on the background of the fateful message on the screen.

But after a few minutes, when Katrina Buchman went to collect her prize, she said that the message appeared due to a technical error and she didn’t win anything. In order to calm some frustrated American, she was offered a … free lunch consisting of steak for 2.25 dollar.

Lawyer Bukman declared that the woman did not agree, neither for lunch nor for cash 2.25 dollar.

The casino state that a slot machine was broken and this was confirmed by the Commission on gambling Affairs of the state of new York. This statement is even more infuriated lawyer Bukman. «Does this mean that every player who plays this slot machine, had zero chance to win and didn’t suspect a thing?», — he asks.

For several months the lawyer was negotiating with representatives of the casino, but never been able to get the payout in cash of his client. Therefore, a lawsuit was filed in the court, the plaintiff and its representative are not going to retreat a single step.

However, judicial practice already known similar claims. So, a few months ago a similar case was considered in relation to the casino Isle Casino Hotel Iowa. There’s 90-year-old lady likewise won $ 41 million. However, the result of the review is very disappointing for the player. The court held that «the rules of the game on the machine limit jackpot amount of 10,000 dollars and was not allowed to receive bonuses». Therefore, the most that can count the «winner» for their «mental anguish and feelings» described in the claim is only several thousand dollars, not millions.

Queens Woman Sues Resorts World Casino For Not Handing Over $43 Million Jackpot https://t.co/qnJhEJFusA pic.twitter.com/OYZxhqCDHC

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