Monday will start the trial of the murderer of the granddaughter of Morgan Freeman

Monday will start the trial of Lamar Davenport, accused of killing the Deal with Hines, the adoptive granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman. 33-year-old defendant admitted that he was under the influence of drugs (PCPand also known as angel dust), when he stabbed his victim times with a knife.

It is expected that lawyers Lamar Davenport begin the defense with a statement about the insanity of his client, citing alleged evidence of the crazy words of Davenport during detention. In particular, he could not understand how and why he committed the murder the Deal.

In August 2015 the boyfriend Deal with Hines Lamar Davenport stabbed her multiple stab wounds near the girl’s home on Manhattan. A witness to the murder was the 65-year-old neighbor George Hudacko, who called the police.

According to Hadco middle of the night he heard the first cries of a woman, then the male: «I rebuke you devil! In the name of Christ, Begone, devil!».

Looking out the window, the neighbor saw the Deal as killer strikes lying on the sidewalk a woman stabbed. When the police arrived on the scene, Hines was still alive. The girl died in the emergency hospital. Lamar Davenport made no attempts to escape, remaining near the victim’s body in a deranged state. When arrested, he was mumbling that «the devil is evil,» and urged to «repent their sins».

Eden Hines had a granddaughter Jeanette Bradshaw, the first wife of Morgan Freeman. The couple were married from 1967 to 1979. After the divorce, Freeman continued to maintain relations with Idenau, still thinking it was a family member and sometimes presenting to journalists as his goddaughter. The girl regularly appeared with the actor at film premieres and ceremonies.

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