In California want to establish a state control over prices in healthcare

The state government announced a bill designed to allow California the problem of ever increasing health care costs. He has already provoked a strong reaction of society and medical institutions that provide commercial services in this area.

According to available information, the bill, which is already supported by organized labor and consumer groups, provides for the establishment of a special Commission. Her responsibilities will include price regulation in the provision of commercial medical services. It will oblige all institutions of the state, working in the field of health, to follow the rates.

The authors of the idea have already faced criticism, representatives of medical institutions and some of the lobbyists, of the Congress of the United States. Practitioners as yet are wary of this innovation, because they fear that it will hurt their income.

At the same time, the majority of state legislators agree with the need to address the problem of the enormous costs of health care. According to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), in the United States, the industry spent about 18% of GDP, which is almost twice morethan in any other developed country. Many States take the lead in combating this problem.

It is planned that the prices will be regulated by the special Commission will be formed on the basis of the cost of similar services predostavleny under the state program Medicare. Will affect the innovation exclusively to the commercial component and will not affect the Medicaid programs and Medicare.

«It’s pretty safe. I’m not surprised that such a proposal was put forward. I don’t think many people will not agree with the statement that health care costs in the state are too high,» — said the Director of the health Foundation of California Christoph Stremites.