2 States have legalized the denial of the adoption of children by LGBT families

The Agency’s adoption in Oklahoma and Kansas has received official permission to refuse for religious reasons LGBT familieswishing to adopt a child.

According to supporters of the bill, it will protect workers ‘ rights Agency to act in accordance with his faith, while his critics argue that this is a clear infringement of the rights of the LGBT community.

In Oklahoma, the Senate voted 56-th votes to 21, in Kansas 63 vs 58 mi.

To a legislative act entered into force, it must be signed by the heads of States. The Governor of Kansas, Republican Jeff Collier has already said that he will support the law, the Governor of Oklahoma , Mary Fallin (a Republican) noted that while not yet decided on the decision.

Meanwhile, according to the Department of children and families (Department of Children and Families), in Kansas, the adoption system is overloaded: since 2008 the number of children in need of adoption increased from 5 711 to 7 540.

«This law is a big problem — said Lori Ross, President of the adoption Agency Foster Adopt Connect, operating in Kansas and Missouri. — If a representative of the LGBT community call the Agency and get a waiver, he may never dare to it.»

Note that similar laws already exist in Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, Virginia and Michigan.