Californians were obliged to equip new homes with solar panels

Golden state the first in the USA at the legislative level introduced the requirement to install on the roofs of new homes solar panels. This rule will come into force in 2020.

After carefully considering this requirement, the Commission on energy of the state on Wednesday, may 9, approved it. According to the draft of the new energy standards from 2020 during the construction of any residential building , its owners will have to be installed on the building of solar panels. This applies to both apartment buildings and private. The exception would be buildings, particularly projects which do not allow to use the roof for storage of solar energy, as well as those that are usedonmost of the day are in the shade.

As of the end of 2017 only 20% of new homes in California was provided for the installation of solar panels. According to authorities, this suggests the need for forced stimulation of the population to transition to «green» energy.

Many experts believe that, if the United States to more actively develop solar and wind energy in the coming years, the country would need for the population to electricity at 80%! At the same time, specialists recognize: this requires a lot of energy storage system. This facility recently built in many countries around the world.

Growing popularity of «green» energy significantly affected the cost of electricity produced in California to the downside. Local authorities have relied on renewable energy by 2020 will come from them 50% is necessary for the state electricity.