Trump: «Everyone thinks that I deserve the Nobel peace prize»

The US President said that all believe that his efforts to improve relations with North Korea and the settlement of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula deserve to be awarded the Nobel peace prize, but he to this is not committed.

«I want to win for the world… So it’s the only prize I would like [to],» said Donald trump today, may 9, at a government meeting in the White house.

At the end of April, after the historic summit, in which the Korean leaders agreed o the world and the denuclearization of the Peninsula, South Korean President moon Jae-In of the first said that trump really deserves the Nobel peace prize. A few days later on the 18th of Republicans headed by Senator Luke Messer officially nominated the President of the United States for this award.

The Nobel peace prize is one of the 6 awards given by the Nobel Committee. Winners are usually announced in October, but the award ceremony takes place on 10 December — the anniversary of the death of prize founder Alfred Nobel.

Donald trump could become the fifth President of the United States, presented with this prestigious award, along with Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.