In the United States ceased the practice of deportation deferrals for illegal immigrants part

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has banned the immigration judges to use the practice of deferral of deportation for certain immigrantswho have close ties with the United States.

The practice, known as «administrative closure» to allow judges to temporarily close the cases with «low priority», which actually allowed some immigrants to remain in the United States for an indefinite period, despite the lack of legal status.

This practice was adopted under President Barack Obama. This was to allow loaded vessels to focus on priority issues. Over the last six years of the Obama presidency has closed more than 200 thousand of such cases.

Usually it was a case of immigrants with no criminal record who have lived many years in the United States, often with children or spouses. In many cases, immigrants received work permits.

The administration of President Donald trump, recall, dramatically changed the approach to immigration, saying that all the illegals (regardless of whether they represent a threat to public safety or not) are subject to deportation.

Because immigration courts fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of justice, the attorney General may issue such orders. Sessions said that in some cases can be made exceptions, but each case should be considered carefully and closely.

However, in spite of his decree, Jeff sessions acknowledged that the reopening of closed cases is likely to overwhelm the immigration courts.

Lawyers of immigration are already criticized the decision of the attorney General. «This will lead to the fact that the immigration judge will turn into a deportation machine,» said Chuck Roth from the National center for justice of immigrants.