The defenders USA in court demanding the cancellation of the citizenship question in the census

In the Federal district court of Maryland filed a lawsuit from the public organizations for the protection of the rights of immigrants. His most important demand is the abolition of the order of the White house about the clarification of citizenship in the census in 2020. According to human rights groups, consisting of 21 organizations, the decree violates the U.S. Constitution.

The main initiators of the judicial process were made by the Mexican legal defense Fund and education (MALDEF) and the Association of Asian Americans advancing justice (AAS). In court they will represent the law office of Robert Newman.

According to lawyers, in addition to violations of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States, the White house issued a decree threatening the results of the upcoming census. They argue that the paragraph on citizenship will make many people avoid this procedure, or to answer the census questions dishonestly. In the end, everything would be in jeopardy, and its results can be questioned.

«Residents of many communities who are not citizens of the United States, will avoid answers to this question, fearing that this information will be confidential. There is a fair suspicion that the outcome of this event for many individuals and their relatives can be extended to the pressure side of immigration» — the lawyer of human rights organizations.

Representatives of the U.S. Department of justice (U. S. Department of Justice) in charge of this procedure, stated that the citizenship information they need to create more efficient electoral process in the elections. Any claims regarding the pressure on the population and the transfer of census bodies of immigration control in the Ministry deny.