Trump would support the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level

The US President Donald trump said that he is inclined to support a bipartisan plan to Congress for the abolition of the Federal ban on marijuana.

The us leader agreed to change state policies toward legalization of cannabis, despite the position of the attorney General Jeff Serena in this matter.

Speaking on the lawn near the White house before flying to Quebec for the summit «Big seven», the President told reporters that he «probably eventually» support a bipartisan bill that would give the States broad discretion to regulate the use and distribution of marijuana. The initiator of this proposal was the Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado.

«I support Senator Gardner. I know what he’s doing; we follow his actions. And I probably eventually will support it,» — said the President.

In turn, the Prosecutor General Sechin during a hearing in the Senate called the lifting of the ban «a real danger» and added: «Good men don’t smoke marijuana».

Recall that California and eight other States and the capital Washington (DC), have legalized the use of marijuana. Another 20 States permit the use of cannabis for medical purposes. But nonetheless, this business remains volatile due to the fact that is considered illegal under Federal law. For this reason, lenders and investors do not risk dealing with such companies.

Ultimately, the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level will help to resolve the regulatory standards and to create conditions for conducting studies in the use of cannabis for medical purposes.