In Queens the teacher of the school has provided teachers with benefits in exchange for sex

The head teacher Hillcrest High School in Queens (state of new York) has created a real sex line- has declined subordinate to the intima, promising career growth and other benefits, and punishing for failure.

The position of head of administrative Affairs 40-year-old John Binet received in February 2014, after the principal of the school was his friend David Morrison.

On June 10, 2018 2 teacher, working under the direction of Binet, has filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme court. 37-year-old Caroline Shin and 34-year-old Eleni, Giannousis argue that the teacher has created a «sexual atmosphere for teachers and students» by punishing them for their complaints to the Director or the Union.

According to the text of a multimillion-dollar suit, the man had sexual intercourse with 4 or more teachers and at least 1 girl during working hours.

Caroline Shin, working as a teacher since 2004, argues that barely entered the post Office immediately began to pester her constantly to visit her class and unfairly criticize. But really the essence of the teacher opened after September 2014, the Tires had a miscarriage, and she took the day off to recover.

According to the lawsuit, Binet immediately demanded from the teacher lesson plans, and later stated that he did not intend it «sentimental». Moreover, Binet and Morrison repeatedly wrote unfounded, according to the plaintiffs, complaints about the Tires, which impeded her professional advancement.

Eleni, Giannousis in turn, said that because of persecution by Cabinet in 2015, she was forced to leave school. And, as follows from the materials of a lawsuit is not an isolated case: at least 6 employees of Hillcrest High School are unable to work under the guidance of Binet and quit.

In addition, plaintiff was accused of connivance of a Director Morrison, who knew about the misconduct of the head teacher, but not let him.

«It is incredible that in 2018, we can still observe a similar behavior,» said attorney Fred Lichtmacher.

Tires and Giannousis claim to have suffered professionally, physically and emotionally. According to them, was previously filed at least 5 formal complaints against the head teacher and the Director of the American Federation of teachers (American Federation of Teachers) and the Ministry of education (U. S. Department of Education — DOE), but nothing has changed.

The representative of the DOE Douglas Cohen stated that the claim against the management of Hillcrest High School is considered.