In new York MMA fighter Conor McGregor was sentenced to community service

Today, the new York court star of the mixed single combats of MMA Conor McGregor admitted his guilt in violating public order and was sentenced to correctional labor.

5 April 2018 McGregor gave another scandal at the stadium New York City Arena in Brooklyn. At the end of media day, held there for the fighters of the UFC, the famous Irish went to the Park, where the athletes boarded the bus. According to fans, McGregor was just trying to show off in front of opponents — but went too far.

Soldier truck window was smashed in the bus — which injured two passengers.

The court found the actions of McGregor’s criminal element, and he got off with community work. To the same decision the court found against the second defendant in the case, the MMA fighter, 23-year-old Sianou Cowley.

If the Irish pleaded not guilty, he could face would be a period of 7 years in a Federal prison. However, as McGregor went on to deal, mitigated punishment. MacGregor said he’s grateful to the court for leniency and expressed gratitude for the support of the fans and family. In the UFC declined to comment on the situation.

According to sports observers, the attack on the bus due to the fact that it was the main potential enemy McGregor — Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov.