Trump has stopped issuing visas to same-sex partners of diplomats and UN staff

This week the White house began to refuse visas to same-sex partners of foreign diplomats and officials and employees of the UN, if these couples are not married.

In the document issued at the headquarters of the United Nations, said that those who are already in the United States, have until the end of the year to formalize their relationship officially or to leave the country before the deadline. According to calculations of Foreign Policy magazine, which first reported the order, it will affect about 10 employees of the UN, same-sex partners are now in the United States.

The administration, trump said that the new policy is more consistent with the Supreme court decision on gay marriage. From 1 October both homosexual and heterosexual partners of foreign diplomats and UN staff without official registration of relations will be ineligible for a visa in the United States.

The LGBT community are outraged by the innovation of the White house. Because it was made despite the fact that many States do not recognize homosexual unions, and thus same-sex couples married in the United States will face at home with a prosecution.

«I regard this decision as an alarming signal that the administration clearly and transparently sends all LGBTIQ: «We are not on your side.» This is a direct continuation of the policy of discrimination and all steps that the administration has taken in regard to human rights, starting with the release of the Commission on human rights UN-ending support of sexist and racist organizations. I have no doubt that if Cavanaugh will be approved as a judge of the Supreme court, gay marriage will sink into Oblivion,» said Rusa LGBT co-Director and founder of Brighton beach-the pride of Alexei Gorshkov.

In turn, Samantha Power, former permanent US representative to the UN, called the policy conducted by the administration trump, «senselessly violent and fanatical».