The new bill will protect the bike path from the building works

«We want people to know that when you are building in this city, […] you should be respectful to its green infrastructure, which is so important for cyclists».

The Board member Carlina Rivera

According to cyclists, the street break a continuous system of Bicycle lanes in the city. This causes them to collapse and go out on the road, penetrating into automobile traffic.

The bill under consideration at city hall aimed at addressing this issue and requires that during street construction works have preserved the continuity of the bike lanes.

The proposal presented this month Carlini revere insists that workers granted permission to work in the Department of transport has created a safe detours for cyclists, which will not affect the factors in the form of restriction of movement.

During a press conference on 17 October, Rivera announced that the bill is going to protect not only cyclists, but also pedestrians of new York.

In accordance with the bill, workers are required to create a bypass lane, the amount of which is not less than 1.2 meters (or 3/4 of the original band); in addition, they have to separate it from the roadway barrier. The rules will apply to any designated bike lanes: including painted and protected lanes, as well as standalone Cycling paths in parks.

«Construction work is too often threaten the safety limit public space for pedestrians and cyclists,» — said the Deputy Director of the organization, «Transportation alternatives for cyclists» Marco Conner.