Sentenced joked before his execution: «Sorry for the delay, I got stuck in traffic»

Last night, October 29 in South Dakota had executed 56-year-old Rodney Berget, killed a prison guard during a failed escape.

The execution was delayed a few hours — literally «last minute» the Supreme court has decided to review the case. Awaiting the final sentence Berget joked: «Sorry for the delay, I got stuck in traffic». Sentenced also thanked everyone who supported him all the time of the conclusion.

While trying to escape from prison in 2011, Rodney Berget and his inmate Eric Robert beat guard Ronald Johnson with a pipe and strangled him. Robert was executed in 2012, and litigation Bergamo continued, the lawyers insisted on diminished responsibility of the defendant.

Lynette Johnson, the wife of the slain officer, who was present at the execution, said she was «peaceful», unlike her husband’s death.

He executed earlier said he refused to appeal against the death sentence. He wrote the judge that «can not imagine the years that will have to spend in a cage», if they would give him a life sentence.