A female transgender were forced to show genitals after an arrest, and then placed together with men

A transgender woman from Texas was forced to drop his pants and show the employees of the Sheriff’s office their genitals, before they decided to send her to male prisoners ignoring requests to post with women.

According to the indictment of the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday (2 November), says that the 32-year-old Valerie Jackson was harassed, threatened and humiliated by employees of the Dallas County Jail after her arrest in November 2016.

«You had a sex change or something like that?» — asked one of the officers.

When Jackson lied, answering in the affirmative, the law enforcement officials ordered her to show genitalia, so they decided where to place it. According to Jackson, she repeatedly refused to do so.

«We need to know you had a sex change or not. We need to see: you have a penis or a vagina. We need to protect you, — continued the officer. — We cannot send you men, if you have a vagina».

Eventually, she succumbed to pressure from the prison staff and took off his pants and underwear.

«Miss Jackson got emotional trauma, felt demoralized, anxious, nervous, lost dignity and afraid,» reads the excerpt from the lawsuit.

After that, Jackson was placed in a separate chamber. Male prisoners saw her through the bars and interrogated about who she is.

«They asked her: she’s «TRANS» or «real girl», told her about all the sexual things they wanted to do with her, called her «he/she» and many other derogatory words,» said Jackson, according to the indictment.

In addition, Jackson took to the men’s locker room and told to undress in front of the officer-man.

«Mrs. Jackson was humiliated every time she was faced with a new officer,» reads the lawsuit.

The document says that representatives of the district violated Federal law and the elimination of prison rape, which prohibits detainees to examine transgender or intersex people solely to determine their sex.

After the acquittal of Jackson re-arrested in April 2017, and again placed male prisoners, despite her futile attempts to convince law enforcement that she is a woman.

As a result, Jackson had to endure harassment from men and take showers with them. According to her, one of the inmates masturbated looking at her when she showered.

In June a woman was arrested for the third time, and again the same thing happened.

«She’s three times been a terrifying, humiliating treatment by the dozen jailers,» said Daily News lawyer Jackson Scott Palmer.

Press Secretary of the Sheriff of Dallas County , Marian brown, which is mentioned in the lawsuit, declined to comment, citing the upcoming trial.