The new bill will oblige the owners of guns in new York to provide access to their social networks and Internet histories

New Yorkers applying for licenses for handguns or renewing existing ones, will be faced with a civil service study of their social networks and online queries in search engines. This is stated in the new bill state No. 9191, which was presented to the Senate the legislator from Brooklyn Senator Kevin Parker, according to Whec.

If adopted, the state police and the NYPD, will be empowered to investigate «well-known obscene insults or discriminatory language used to describe race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of the person». It is also noted that the police would quickly follow the mention of violence or terrorism online writing and search engines.

As noted by the supporters of the bill, it is necessary to prevent mass shootings. After all, almost all the tragic incidents, the shooter (or arrows, as in the case of execution in the «Columbine») previously gathered information about guns, bombs, technical characteristics, etc. are Also to be shot in a way or another showed in social media his anger and his classmates, propensity for violence, etc., and now law enforcement agencies of the state will be able to get the way to track such an aggressive Internet messages with the aim to prevent the violent act.

Act No. 9191 will require all who receive a license for the gun, to give the police to check the history of your Internet requests over the past year, and activity in social networks – over the last 3 years.

Opponents of the bill said that it completely violates the law of human rights (Fourth amendment) because of the assumption of invasion of privacy, and to some extent contradicts the First amendment.

Senator Parker announced the bill together witha resident of Brooklyn Eric Adams at the beginning of the month:

Today, @SenatorParker and I are announcing legislation to authorize the @NYSPolice and authorities like the @NYPD to conduct social media and internet search history reviews as part of the background check process for purchasing a gun. Our primary goal must be to #endgunviolence.

— Eric Adams (@BPEricAdams) November 2, 2018

Today @SenatorParker and I declare the law to allow @NYSPolice and @NYPD, to review social networking and Internet search as part of the checks before purchasing weapons. Our main goal should consist in the following: #endgunviolence.

Regarding violations of rights act Eric Adams added the following tweet: «#Hatespeech which incited violence or indicates an intention to commit violence is not part of our constitutional tradition. How could we not want to fully eliminate statements of hate in our society, our main goal will always be to end #gunviolence».

Earlier, the state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the tightening of gun laws with additional procedures red flag.