Satanists Chicago became eligible to participate in the Christmas events

A group of representatives of the Satanic temple in Chicago were asked to participate in official Christmas events in the administration of Illinois and received permission. Among other things, the Satanists will put on display a three foot tall stele — the young woman’s hand with Apple, symbolizing the gift of knowledge.

The speaker of the Secretary of state of Illinois Dave Drucker wilted that «Under the Constitution, the First amendment, people have the right to Express their feelings, their thoughts,» reports the Hill.

As reported by the Herald-Review, satanic Stella will decorate the Capitol rotunda during Christmas, menorahs and Hanukah. In a public Satanic Church in Chicago on FB, where the goal of the group is written «to Facilitate the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists and advocates of individual freedom», the first feedback supporters: «This is nice».