The murder of a family in new Jersey: state lawmakers want to bring back the death penalty

After killing an entire family in colts Neck, some lawmakers in new Jersey have called for the return of capital punishment.

«A horrible murder of a family, Caneiro is a sad reason that we should return the death penalty,» — said in a statement, Republican Steven Oroho, Parker Space and Harold Virtsu.

We will remind, 51-year-old Paul Caneiro is accused of the murder of his brother, 50-year-old Keith, his wife, 45-year-old Jennifer, and their 2 daughters — 8-year-old Sophia and 11-year-old Jesse. According to prosecutors, Canara dealt with the brother’s family, then burned their mansion to cover up the crime. The Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni called the case «the most severe» in his memory.

Lawyers Sex, Canara insist on his innocence, insisting that the man really loved my brother and his family.

The death penalty in new Jersey was in 1982. The law it lobbied Senator John F. Russo, whose father was fatally shot during the attempted robbery on new year’s night 1970.

In December 2007 the legislature of new Jersey voted for the abolition of capital punishment in the state. The voting was 44 to 36, after the bill was signed by then-Governor John Corzine.

Again the death penalty in 2016 has tried to achieve Oroho, Virtsu and space. However, to no avail.

However, if prosecutors seek consideration of a certain case is not in the district courts of the state, and in Federal court, the defendant may be sentenced to death.

«Killer of colts Neck does not deserve anything other than punishment. We can no longer ignore the calls of the residents of our community to act in such terrible cases,» said Stephen Oroho.

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