In Minnesota, violators played with the cops in the game

The tenants in St. Paul, Minnesota, called the police, complaining of noise from one of the apartments. Officers arriving at the address, was forced to fight a whole battle with the monsters, save the world, shoot a lot. Thus they were tops in social networks and become real stars.

Police officer Isaac Palmer and kou Yang arrived at the address on University Avenue, specified in the call around 10:30 PM. In the apartment were living in it Giovanni Williams with a few more young people, also there was pizza and beer. A strong noise was observed, but what he saw officers in the room, and threw them into shock…

It was released December 7, the new version of the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is waiting for millions of gamers around the world. Williams were with him in the apartment, an unidentified person offered the cops to play with them. And away we go.

Later, Giovanni Williams, not forgetting everything that happened to shoot on the phone, posted the video on his Facebook page. In the video, to the horror of lawyers, the players have decided how to address the legal aspect of the situation. Though the noise was not above normal, still had a signal from the neighbors. Decided that if the cops win, the guys get caught, but if the guys win, not even a fine. Of course, this deal was humorous — it now says the police. Video 3 has collected thousands of likes and 1.5 million shares and over 100 comments.

Our officers are always looking for ways to connect with the community. Sometimes it’s at Safe Summer Nights. Sometimes it’s an impromptu game of hoops.

And sometimes they wind up bonding over video games. #communitypolicing

— Saint Paul Police Department (@sppdmn) December 11, 2018

Of course, this became known to the leadership of the police. But the chiefs stood up for his officers and explained that the cops acted in this difficult situation is absolutely correct: «actually, it happens more than people think. It is known that our officers come to the challenges and play at all, because they have handcuffs, beautiful shape… why not video games? — explains the coordinator of public information, police Saint Paul Steve Linders. Is it necessary to participate in community life, which is part of our profession. This is a great way to meet people living in the service area, and get a lot of pleasure».

It is unknown who won the Williams team or played for Pikachu cops. But no one has been neither arrested nor fined.