The former police admitted that they had sex when her 3-year-old daughter died in the car seat of the car from overheating

Yesterday, March 18, the former police from long beach (Mississippi), 29-year-old Cassie Barker, with tears in his eyes confessed to the court that he had sex with his boss Clark Ladner at the time, her 3-year-old daughter died in her patrol car.

The former police admitted that they had sex when her 3-year-old daughter died in the car seat of the car from overheating29-year-old Cassie Barker, pleaded guilty to manslaughter of daughter

Barker pleaded guilty to manslaughter after making a deal with the state. As reported by the Sun Herald, prosecutors recommended to put a former officer of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in prison for 20 years. A Harrison County judge Larry Bourgeois said he needed more time for consideration of the case. April 1, he will issue a verdict for the would-be mother.

«I don’t know what I can do this, what could be worse than what you already experienced… You will forever remain in the prison of his mind,» said Barker.

3-year-old Cheyenne, Hayer died 30 September 2016 after the mother left her in the car seat for four hours. The car is worked flat, but it is not blowing cold air. When Barker returned to the car, the girl didn’t react.

The heat index (a measure of subjective feelings of temperature) in that day reached over 100°F (38°C). When the ambulance arrived, the body temperature in Cheyenne was 107°F (+41,6°C).

Barker, who at the time worked two jobs initially claimed that she that morning talked to Ladner, and then accidentally fell asleep. According to police reports, the chief claimed that he took a sleeping pill and also fell asleep. According to Ladner, he didn’t know that the girl stayed in the car.

A few days after incidentmanagement police long beach Wayne McDowell fired Barker and Ladner.

The father of Cheyenne, Ryan Hayer, could not find a place, learning about her daughter’s death.

«Every time I close my eyes I see her suffering, and then imagine how she’s lying in that coffin, says the heartbroken father. I still see her smiling and laughing in my head, and I’m guessing that smile and laughter has turned into pain and suffering… This is the picture that I don’t want to imagine, but I can’t».

Hayer was shocked to learn that this is not the first time Barker has left their child unattended in the car. It turns out that even before the tragic incident a passerby noticed the girl who sat alone in the car, and called the police Gulfport. Father filed a lawsuit against the police Department of long beach and child protective Services Mississippi about causing the death of child by negligence, saying that he was never informed about the first case. According to Hayer, child protective services had to take action.

«When it came time to pick out a casket, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it.» -Ryan Hyer, father of Cheyenne

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«As a parent, you must protect your child, and Cheyenne left because her mother didn’t protect her. Not once, but twice,» said Hayer.

Herself Barker was hospitalized after her daughter’s death in connection with shock. Psychological examination showed that Barker’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder related to childhood injury and death of her daughter, but the doctors decided she was able to answer before the court.