The government will give you $1000 if you give yourself a wild horse

Horse lovers, this could be your lucky day.

Bureau of land management (The Bureau of Land Management — BLM) announced that they will provide up to $1000 on the «adoption»of wild horses, to encourage the largest possible number of people to give a horse or donkey a good home.

People willing to adopt a wild horse will win $500 and the remaining amount after some time. Every year residents interested in the program can contain up to four wild horses or burros.

According to the Idaho Statesman, on pasture all the Western States, there are about 82 thousand wild horses, which is more than three times the number of animals that can be kept on this land. Because of this, some horses began to starve.

Caring for wild animals rests with the BLM, but spokesperson Debbie Collins, in their pens is simply no room.

Although in the past year, the Agency took 11 472 animals from the wild, only 4 609 of them were «adopted» or sold.

The BLM is responsible for protecting wild horses and burros since 1971, when animal declared a «living symbols of the historic and pioneering spirit of the West.»

If you decide to adopt a wild horse, for more information please visit the BLM on the link or call the phone 866-468-7826.

And on page of the Agency on Flickr there are very beautiful pictures illustrating the history of the «adoption» of wild horses.

The government will give you $1000 if you give yourself a wild horseThe government will give you $1000 if you give yourself a wild horseSource: Flickr

«We quickly bonded and became best friends, told the teenage girl from Idaho on his adopted Mustang, Kilci. – A week later, when I came into the paddock, he was already waiting for me.»