Naked party in the eyes of the residents of Santa Rosa does not plan to end

In California in the town of Santa Rosa, SONOMA County, Jason Windus authorities ordered to shorten the height of the fence protecting his land and a house. The height of the fence he was quite satisfied, but had to accept, because officials threatened to fine $500 per day.

NUDE GARDEN PARTY: Jason Windus of Santa Rosa made light of a situation after a neighbor complained to code enforcement that his fence was too high.
Here’s the full story from my previous post. [email protected] #noseyneighbor #SantaRosa #backfire

— Cristina Rendon (@CristinaKTVU) March 20, 2019

«This is very serious. They led me into a rage, said Windus reporters, is America. We have to have fences around our yards. And privacy».

However, Windows still tamed the fence to the specified 36 inches (less than meter), in accordance with the rules. But don’t stop there, and added the point of absurdity, staged in the courtyard of a permanent naked party.

Nothing tops a garden party. Jason Windus of Santa Rosa and his popular protest against a neighbor who complained about his high fence. Jason cut it down. Now this. #abc7now #SantaRosa #SonomaCounty

— Wayne Freedman (@WayneFreedman) March 19, 2019

Jason left, used previously in the work of mannequins — figures of men and women in full growth. He put them in the yard naked with some seedlings at a table in different poses. Now these mannequins are visible through the fence, passing by all the residents of Santa Rosa and city.

The intent of Windus, the party was supposed to piss off the neighbours, passers-by and authorities and to point out the absurdity of the ban of high fences. But for now the wrath of the people is not observed. On the contrary, many come specifically to watch and take pictures, the house of Windus became the attraction of the town.

Local reporter Wayne Freedman, who has posted a post about it in social networks, now gathers the most positive comments: «This is great!» or «This is fucking ridiculous. I like it.»

Some suggest the host party earn: «Please put the box so we could leave donations for the wine.» Comments unwitting podsmatrivanie, you can select only regrettable that the mannequins as it is not very cheerful: «you Could smile, after all, not cold, Just don’t look at us with such cold eyes.»