Ban plastic bags in new York want to take as part of the state budget

On Wednesday, during negotiations on the adoption of the new budget, it became known that the legislature of the state is ready to approve the bill on Cuomo to ban disposable plastic bags throughout the state.

«The struggle against environmental damage caused by plastic bags has long been a priority for the Governor and became one of the first budget proposals, which he unveiled this year», — said the representative Cuomo Richard Azzopardi.

Cuomo is glad that the legislature of the state is finally ready to support his idea, which he announced in January.

However, environmentalists and lobbyists food outlets are worried that customers will actively use free the paper bags cost the stores more expensive during transportation and storage.

Therefore, it may be introduced a charge for paper bags to encourage people to use reusable bags for shopping.

The speaker of the Assembly Carl Chisti this week suggested that part of the money from the fee for paper bags went to Finance environmental projects.

Ban plastic bags in new York want to take as part of the state budgetBan plastic bags in new York want to take as part of the state budgetOverflowing trash can.

Now in the legislature discussing the question of the abolition of fees for packages for residents with low incomes and the ability to make an exception for certain districts that are only partially or not at all would be charged the money for the packages.

«It’s part of the details that is currently in development, the Senator said Todd Kaminsky, Chairman of the Committee for the protection of the environment. — We want to question about plastics and the paper was finally solved.»

Kaminski noted that even children think about ecology pollution and plastic waste I think one of the biggest problems in the country.

«Every year I visit many primary schools… and all children give the same answer when I ask them: «If you were in Albany after becoming Governor someday, what would you first do?» — added the Senator. And they all meet that would do something about pollution and plastic».

However, this is not all the environmental bills that Cuomo plans to introduce in the state budget. He had previously proposed to introduce an additional 5-cent fee on plastic bottles and aluminum cans, which often sell soft drinks.